Our Story

This concept was born from the desire to offer first of all to the little ones, but not only, a haircut with personality exactly as it represents them!

We started from our own experience, because we wanted a place where our child would receive a modern haircut, with style, which would fully represent him and which would complement his clothing style and personality, but which would make this process a pleasant one for him, where to feel at ease.

We developed the Cool Kids hairdresser's, a welcoming place with different themes, toys, friendly staff and car-shaped seat to take them through an adventure in the process of changing the look and where they will receive the status of "Cool Kids".

It is a place dedicated to children of all ages, even babies, where the haircut is no longer a torment for children or parents, because we will make sure that every child wants to return with pleasure as in a place of play.

We have also prepared a waiting place for parents, and for mothers who want to relax while their children are arranged, they can also benefit from a haircut or a hairstyle.

The baby's first haircut is rewarded with a diploma

The baby's first haircut is rewarded with a diploma along with a strand of hair, to commemorate this important moment in their lives and that of their parents.


  • Luni - Sambata
    10:00 - 20:00
  • Sunday
    10:00 - 16:00

Professional Services

We offer professional services in a pleasant environment and we pay attention to every detail.

Special Stylists

Hair stylists specializing in modern haircuts for the little ones, ready to turn his haircut into a beautiful experience.

Adventure Place

The salon is actually a playground where every child wants to return with pleasure, for new experiences.