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  • Luni- Sambata
    10:00 - 20:00
  • Sunday
    10:00 - 16:00

Cool Kids

For children with personality!

Thematic Decor

A magical place where haircut turns into a super fun activity!

The Baby's First Haircut

We award the baby's first haircut with a diploma and a strand of hair for a beautiful experience!

Dedicated Stylists

Stilistul va deveni cel mai bun prieten si il va ajuta sa isi invinga teama de tuns!

Special Haircuts

Every child receives a "cool" haircut just like his personality!

Products Dedicated to Children

We use only products specially created for children and their sensitive skin.

Good prices

We offer high quality services at the best prices!

Cool Kids - the place where the child receives a haircut just like his personality!

We developed the Cool Kids hairdresser's, a welcoming place with different themes, toys, friendly staff and car-shaped seat to take them through an adventure in the process of changing the look and where they will receive the status of "Cool Kids".

Cool Kids - Hairdresser dedicated to children

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Come with the little one to a barber shop dedicated to children, for cool hairstyles and pleasant experiences!